Welcome to Rawdené Art

I have always enjoyed the pleasure of capturing a moment with photography as it creates memories to share.

I worked in Saudi Arabia for over 20 years in the medical field and fell in love with desert’s beauty and could indulge my joy of photography.

During the period of 2011 – 2018 I was diagnosed and treated for Lupus in my host (expatriate) country. The course of the disease was traumatic, resulting in my being hospitalized and off work for several months in 2013, with a slow recovery.

I found abstract art (doodle), a means of expressing myself , as well as being creative during this period, as it was something my hands could hold- the camera was too heavy.  It became a firm hobby and fun time for me when I picked up my pen to draw, and remains a soothing pass-time.  The doodles became bolder in pen strokes

The opportunities for photography during my travels , exploring  the Middle East, Europe, UK as well as the USA and naturally South Africa prior to my illness were bountiful, capture moments, shadows and shapes has always been something I have enjoyed.

Exploring the sharing of my Doodle Art and my Photographs is new for me. I hope that you will enjoy these offerings with joy.


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